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Artist, illustrator and designer

Milton has been a keen painter from an early age – his mother still owns a painting given to her by his teacher when he was at infant school. The teacher remarked the fact that he, at the age of 4 had named the painting Midnight Rain; she thought it was noteworthy in some way. 

After finishing his education in the UK, he studied and pursued a career in advertising and design before embarking on painting full-time some forty years ago. He now enjoys both the precision required for graphic design and illustration and the fun of "splashing paint around" as an artist.

'Some of my works have been painted with little pre-conception. Just a rough idea of what I was after. Pouring liquid colour onto canvas or board, gently supervising, and coaxing how the paint pools together to watch what happens is really fun. When the surface is ‘bone dry’ I stand it up on my old easel to see what I can see. Images and ideas from paint just poured onto canvas spring up of their own accord and suggest themselves. I did a painting called ‘Magic Night’ using this technique. One of the best pieces I didn’t really do! I love this way of working, it imbues the painting with a spontaneity which is missing in a more planned work. While scary at times, it's a wonderfully free way to work. I am fascinated by a light within darkness - even in the darkest passages of some works, there are flashes of glimmering light.' 

If you visit Milton’s website gallery:, a versatility of techniques and styles is apparent. 'I’m continually working on new techniques, ideas, treatments, materials and ways to consider a concept. I get an idea that is unstoppably compelling, select a way to communicate it and choose the appropriate technique and materials.'

 "I've repeatedly been told to develop a style and stick to it so that people can recognise you by your work and vice-versa. While I recognise the good sense of this admonition, commercially, I just paint what I want to paint. I don't care or want to be locked down and pigeonholed into one style of work.

 'At times when my style of painting goes off on a tangent and is markedly different from a previous work, maybe I'm just relating a different story. Sometimes I may simply want to convey the loveliness of the Thames in the evening and in another work I could be using abstraction to convey a concept.'

 'Many abstract painters of the past could clearly draw and paint really well before diverging from the figurative to the new and experimental. For me, to hold to one style of painting is like telling a classical violinist he's not to play jazz! The Beatles, for example, displayed a vast span in their artistic ambit, to their acclaim. I don’t mind that my work is diverse, because at the end of the day painting, just like music, it's about "having fun"!

 Milton currently lives and works from his studio in West London.

 07914 027 893